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Reality Comprehension Clock Test
Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs

"Focus is on skills that remain, not on those that are lost."


What Does The RCCT Identify?

Functional Age (FA)
Remaining brain power identified in
years and months

Global Deterioration Stage (GDS)
Reisberg, B., Ferris, S., deLeon, M., & Crook, T.  (1982)  The Golbal Deterioration Scale for assessment of primary degenerative dementia.  American Journal of Psychiatry.  139, 1136-1139

Visual Spatial Score  Fall Risk
Olson, R.H. Jr., Wambold, S., Brock, B., Waugh, D., Sprague, H.  (2005)  Visual Spatial Abilities and Fall Risk.  An Assessment Tool for Individuals with Dementia.  Journal of Gerontological Nursing  45-53

Functional Range

Appropriate Level of Dementia Populations Gift of Purpose Programs
Contains a curriculum of brain stimulating exercises that matches the memory impaired cognitive skills and abilities.


  • Person Centered
  • Purpose Approach
  • Focuses on Remaining Skills and Abilities


Educational Classes.
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