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Keeping Mom at Home, Assisted Living,
or Long Term Care?

Keeping Mom at home, assisted living, or long term care are gut wrenching decisions that are faced by many people today.  All have advantages and disadvantages.  All are emotional decisions to make.  There is always guilt no matter what decision is made.

When my mother's dementia progressed to the point where my sister could no longer take care of our mom at home, we chose long term care.  We visited several facilities.  We wanted her to have a facility that would not only take care of her but stimulate her mind, keep her active, and accept her for who she was.  We found a facility that used Communication Art Programs.  What a great experience for Mom!  The programs included in the Communication Art Programs kept her brain stimulated.  There was reminiscing, choices, sensory activities, trivia, theme art projects, and outdoor activities.  The Clock Test helped the people caring for our mother to plan activities for her that were at her ability level.  This gave Mom a sense of pride and helped her keep her dignity.

As she progressed through the disease process and declined, the Clock Test gave the caregivers information to continually adjust activities so Mom could still participate.  She had an individual care plan for activities that was tailored to her needs and abilities.  Mom was not left to sit and stare around a room.  She had a day of activities that would keep her brain stimulated, which added quality to her life.  Many people think that a person with a form of dementia can't do anything.  With the Communication Art Programs, ways are found so that the person with dementia has activities to do which gives them self-worth, helps them keep their dignity, and their mind exercised.

For me to see my Mom participating in the activities and feeling good about herself was peace of mind.  She was getting more than I could have provided for her at home.  When it was time for a care conference, I was given information from the Clock Test that helped me understand where Mom was functioning.  I would also get a report from activities that told me what sort of things she was still able to do.

I feel lucky that we found a facility for my mother where the Clock Test and Communication Art programming are used.  It's difficult to watch a loved one decline with dementia, but the Clock Test helped my sister and myself stay in step with the progression of her disease so our visits were less traumatic for her and for us.  I feel the programming kept her functioning longer than she would have in another facility.  Because of the information we had, my mom didn't have to go down that long road alone.

B. Miller, Tipp City, Ohio

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